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Stone Paper Notebook


Recycled cardboard cover side spiral bound notebook. 68 lined pages of paper made from stone/rock. Can be marked with metal objects as well as pens. Tough paper works in extreme conditions, water resistant, tear resistant, grease proof and anti bacterial. Recycled symbol die cut on cover.
Paper made from recycled construction materials and plasticiser. Paper can be recycled. Due to stone paper pages have a smoother surface than traditional notebook paper.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 44 cm
Delivery Notes

Individual cardboard sleeve



Available Decorations

Pad,Screen,4CP Label Standard

Printable Area

Pad Print : Front Cover – Square 60mmL x 60mmH; Screen Print : Front Cover – Rectangle 60mmL x 80mmH; 4CP Standard Label : Front Cover – Circle 45mm Diameter, Front Cover – Square 50mmL x 50mmH, Front Cover – Rectangle 71mmL x 41mmH


Case: Cardboard, Spiral: Metal, Pages: Stone Paper

Product Dimensions

130mmL x 183mmH x 9mmD