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James Harvest Embroidered polo shirt
The Humble embroidered polo shirt is one of the most versatile and commonly used apparel items to showcase a brand. Choosing the right polo shirt ensures your brand or corporate logo stands out amongst the crowd and looks good each and every time it is worn.

But where to start?

There are hundreds of polo shirts available for corporate branding and sometimes this huge choice makes it difficult to make the right decision.  Here are our top tips to help you get it right for your brand.

Tip 1:  Start with the fabric and use

There are so many fabrics available on the market to choose from and this is also true of promotional polo shirts available for branding.  To start, its best to determine who and what the polo shirts are to be used for – this will help determine what fabric to choose.  Common fabrics for embroidered polo shirts include 100% cotton, cotton/lycra/elastine blends, cotton/poly blends,  100% polyester.

Let’s look at each in order:

100% Cotton: Cotton is loved by many and cursed by others. Cotton is a natural material and a staple of the embroidered polo shirt market for years.  Cotton is breathable, soft, comfortable and wears well.  As cotton is a natural fibre, darker fabrics tend not to hold their colour as well over time and it can show wrinkles more easily.  Cotton polos can sometimes shrink with incorrect laundering. That said cotton polos remain a very popular option.

Best use: Traditional classic look and great as a higher end Corporate Gift for clients

Cotton/Lycra/ Elastine Blends:  Lycra and elastine are exceptionally stretchy synthetic fibres with increased elasticity. They are often added to cotton to improve elasticity and longevity.  Cotton lycra fabrics have the advantage of being soft, comfortable and breathable similar to cotton, but are less likely to fade or pill than 100% Cotton garments.  These fabrics are best chosen for a modern fitted polo designed to be worn close to the body.

Best use: close fitting, wrinkle free smooth look

Cotton/ Polyester Blends: These fabrics are a blend of polyester and cotton in any ratio.  Cotton/poly Polos are often marketed as Moisture Wicking and can have brand names attached to them.  These Polos can be cotton backed which allow for comfort of cotton against the skin, but the durability and performance of polyester. This fabric is easy to care for, can be machine washed, needs minimal ironing and has great colour retention.

Best use: General Use, Workwear, Corporate uniforms, Promotional golf days

100% Polyester: Polyester is very easy to care for and needs minimal ironing.  It is ideal for high Visibility garments, garments with high UV exposure and where colour retention over multiple washes is important. All sublimated garments use 100% polyester materials.  Many new fabrics also have moisture wicking qualities and are can be branded under names such as Drywear, Trudry etc.

Best use: High visibility workwear, fully sublimated garments, team wear, promotional golf days

Embroidered polo shirt James Harvest Semora
Embroidered polo Shirt James Harvest Avon
Embroidered polo Shirt Jb's Wear 7PIP
Embroidered polo shirt Aussie pacific tasman polo
Tip 2 : Choose the right base colour for your embroidered polo shirt

Polo shirts mostly come in plain colours or as a base colour with a trim on collars, piping or sleeve.  The most common base colour for polo shirts is black, navy or white with accent trim colour options. Consider the colour of the logo as a polo shirt with a vibrant colour can really stand out when paired with tonal embroidery to match. Block colour polo shirts that have a colour trim that matches your logo can also help your logo stand out in a crowd.  Logos which have large number of colours  generally look better on a block colour.

Many people may not consider how a polo colour will wear. Outdoor workers exposed to the sun prefer lighter colours to keep cool, but can find white a difficult colour to keep clean. A great alternative to white is a grey marle which is light enough to keep cool on hot days and still looks good even with light soiling.

Embroidered Polo shirt Jb's wear
Tip 3: Choose the perfect style and cut  

Polo shirts come in different shapes and cuts.  Consider who will be wearing the polo .  Would a more classic fit be appropriate or a slim fit? Keep in mind that Slim fit options generally don’t have size options available for larger sizes.  Some polo shirts options are available in both a traditional fit and slim fit option.

Choosing a Polo that has continuity of supply is important. The most frustrating thing is finding polo is no longer available when you are ready to reorder.  Choosing a style which is readily available through a reputable promotional merchandise supplier can help ensure the polos shirts are available in the colour and size when you need them.

Tip 4: Choose the best position to decorate your Polo Shirt

Traditionally, polos shirts have embroidery on the Left Hand Chest, but there are other positions where embroidery can be used. Consider a sleeve embroidery (great for a website, phone number or short message).  Rear embroidery can have a huge impact as there is a large area available to place your brand. Another option is to embroider the polo shirt below the collar which is great for a small or subtle message.

If embroidery is not what you are looking for, promotional polo shirts can be decorated in other ways. Screen printing , Digital heat transfers, Vinyl transfers or sublimation are also great options for polo shirt branding.  RJS Corporate services can help with the best decorating method for your polo. Check out details about all our Decorating methods available.

Tip 5: Don’t fret – Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts are available

Finally, if you have searched high and low and still cant find the perfect embroidered polo shirt for your business or brand (or are looking for a cost effective option for higher volumes) – there is help available. RJS Corporate Services can help create the perfect Polo Shirt to showcase your brand or business. Our team has years of experience in sourcing and decorating customised Polo Shirts and helping Businesses of all shapes and sizes find the perfect option to showcase their brand.

Embroidered polo shirt high vis Jb's wear