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Backyard Cricket Set

Vintage inspired backyard cricket set


Set: Antique natural wood grain

Supplied: in a natural canvas carry bag

8-pcs Vintage inspired backyard cricket set

Set includes: SH size cricket bat (82cm), 4 x wickets (69cm H x 2.5cm dia.), 2 x bails (9cm L x 2.5cm Dia.), red semi soft cricket ball (8cm Dia.)

Supplied: in a BYCC natural canvas carry bag with two carry handles

DIMENSIONS: : Bag: 88cm W x 12cm H x 10cm D

DECORATION AREA: Bag: 180mm W x 80mm H Print/Transfer

FREIGHT DETAILS: 5 per carton, 15kgs, 89cm x 36cm x 18cm

Antique Natural Wood Grain

BRAND DECORATION: This product can be branded with your company logo or message.


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