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Messy and annoying cables can be a thing of the past. Luckily for us tech items have evolved into wireless connectivity. In this blog you will find the most popular wireless promotional items nowadays. Maybe next time you’re choosing a gift you can think wireless!

Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn´t love to take their music to the beach or the park? The speaker exceptional sound does not consume a lot of energy. Quite the opposite, it is energy efficient. Also, they are super easy to set-up and you can even find affordable speakers. If you add your company logo, music will follow.


Wireless Earbuds

Remember untangling your cable earbuds? Sometimes we spent the entire bus ride untangling the cables without even listening to one song. Not anymore! We can brand wireless earbuds with your company name.


Wireless Charger

How many times have you picked up your phone while forgetting it was connected and unplugged it abruptly from the charger? With wireless charging, this can be a thing of the past. The wireless charger works by simply placing your phone on the item.  The world is evolving into a non-cable technology so more and more promotional products are available from this category. Every time a client charges his phone (which is A LOT) he will see your logo. That’s great marketing.


Wireless Mouse Pad

A wireless charging mouse pad will never leave you hanging in the middle of work or gaming as it charges your mouse too. On a Mouse pad there is plenty of space to place your logo, company name or slogan.



Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouses are so much better than touchpads. Touchpads are hard to control and so much of what we do on our laptops now requires accurate precision.  Enjoy a wireless mouse with your logo on it. Display your brand as much as you can.



Wireless Car Charger

We are often reliant on our phones when driving, for directions or maybe a curated playlist – so it’s always sad when your phone dies! Having a Wireless Car Charger guarantees a safe and entertaining drive. Sometimes you may forget your phone cable and you would be completely lost. Let’s save us from that trouble. In addition to this, it looks very smart to have your company name on a Wireless Car Charger.



Let us know if you own wireless technological products and which one is your favourite! Do any of your wireless products have branding on them?