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Put your best foot forward. Be identifiable in customised hi-vis work-wear. Feel at ease when your employees are on site, knowing that their work-wear is keeping them safe. The human eye is much more receptive to vibrant garments. Essentially, the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with fluorescent colours. This has a glowing effect on the material which is most effective at times of poor lighting, such as dusk or dawn. Car headlights are also a source of ultraviolet light that ensures a high level of visibility during the night. 

Be safe. Be smart. Effortlessly advertise your brand on PPE. Foster unity amongst your team of employees. A collective, unified team of employees that looks professional will be highly respected by society and other onsite members. Branded work-wear eliminates ambiguity at your worksite, let your clients know who you are immediately. Our range of work-wear covers all your essentials that ensures you are protected onsite. However, one of the most simple yet effective high visibility garments are our vests. Let me guide you through our extensive range. 


Basic & Economically Affordable

This classic fit, minimalist vest is a great, affordable option.





Diverse Openings

These versatile safety vests have an option between zipper or Velcro opening. Choose what works best for you!



Polar Fleece Lining

This urban fit, hi-vis vest has a polar fleece lining protected by a 100% polyester outer-shell. With a waterproof rating of 20 000mm, this vest protects you from winter’s chill.




Waterproof with Mobile Pocket

This durable vest is equipped with a handy, mobile pocket. A great feature to place your ID card or phone in. This vest has a
370gsm Shepherd fleece protected by a polyester, outer shell. This vest is everything you want and more. 



Collaborate with our team at RJS to find the most appropriate vest for you. Either screen print or digitally transfer your logo on our work-wear apparel. We also offer embroidery, however, we do not recommend this method of decoration as it often takes away the waterproofing element of the vest.