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As winter approaches, our icy autumn mornings progress into crisp winter days. For some of us, it can be difficult to let go of our summer apparel and the sunshine that came with it! However, now is the time to embrace winter with confidence. What better time to introduce a bold new vest to your team. It’s easy to fall in love with all that vests have to offer – they are versatile, breathable and the most suitable trans-seasonal item of apparel!

For whatever occasion – be that a part of your local sporting team uniform, or an event promotional product – our branded vests are a great option to transition a group of individuals into a collective team; our wide range of styles can be tailored for any gender, body type, or function.

When browsing through different vest options, the detailed descriptions can often be overwhelming (particularly when you aren’t familiar with the materials!) That’s what we are here for!
Don’t let these foreign features deter you away from this versatile autumn staple! Let’s have a look at our range of vests and break it down together…



Firstly, let’s distinguish the difference between shower-proof, water-proof and water resistance. It’s easy to ignore this feature, with the mentality of “it’s all the same”. However, this is a distinguishing feature that often tells you the quality of the garment; particularly whether you are after an economically affordable vest or a deluxe vest. 

Showerproof is the most economically affordable. These vests often have quite basic features – minimal windproof options and are only capable of keeping you dry from light rain. 

Water Resistant vests are coated with a waterproofing repellent that avoids water absorption. However, the partial tape seams limit the garment from being fully waterproof. 

Waterproof vests completely protect you from the rain. When browsing through different vests, this feature will guarantee high quality protection from unpredictable weather conditions.  

Some manufacturers use a chemical teflon spray (DWR – durable water repellency) which creates a membrane that avoids water absorption;
Other manufacturers use a material that disperses water on the surface of your vest (due to the fibre composition of the material, the moisture is forced to evaporate quickly).


Here’s a quick guide – using a hydrostatic head (a way of measuring how waterproof fabric is):

Hydrostatic Head (mm) Water Resistance Usable Conditions
0-5,000 mm No resistance to some resistance to moisture. Light rain, dry snow, no pressure.
6,000-10,000 mm Rainproof and waterproof under light pressure. Light rain, average snow, light pressure.
11,000-15,000 mm Rainproof and waterproof except under high pressure. Moderate rain, average snow, light pressure.
16,000-20,000 mm Rainproof and waterproof under high pressure. Heavy rain, wet snow, some pressure.
20,000 mm+ Rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure. Heavy rain, wet snow, high pressure.



This lightweight, multi-purpose vest is made from a variety or combination of materials that are breathable, waterproof and showerproof.  As a bonus, this vest can be teamed with an internal polar fleece for added insulation and warmth (a great way to stay warm from the winter’s chill). A common soft shell material is ripstop. The sturdy name for the material compliments the sturdy nature of the material. Ripstop is a fabric made of thick, interwoven reinforcement threads to provide resistance to tearing. This economically affordable option can be complimented with a business shirt or sports hoodie.


Nylon RipStop Padded Vest
This insulative vest can be complemented with your logo via heat transfer or embroidery. 

Micro-Light Ripstop Vest
This breathable material (1000g/m2) has an adjustable drawcord for the most comfortable fit. 


One of the most important features to conside is breathability! Moisture is the enemy of warmth, being wet makes it extremely difficult to get or stay warm. Breathable garments which allow moisture to pass through ensure you are keeping well insulated. Measurements can vary from 1000g/m2 being low to 30,000g/m2 being exceptionally high.

Acquiring the perfect combination of effective waterproofing and breathability can be a challenge; high ratings in both areas tend to increase the price of the garment. Here are a handful of examples:

Unisex Endurance Vest
Features include: 600mm waterproof & breathability of 1,000m/m2

Nasak Hybrid Softshell Vest
Features include: 500mm waterproof, breathability of 500m/m2 & water repellent finish of 100g/m2 


Here is your winter wardrobe staple, the puffer vest is lightweight and chic. With a variety of colours and fits on offer, puffer vests are the versatile autumn essential for your team. Puffer vests are either made from synthetic fibres or the soft feathers of duck/ geese.  Both have distinguishing features, with a variety of pros and cons. Firstly, familiarise yourself with the range on offer, ask yourself – what do I want to get from this vest? Where am I wearing this vest? From there, we can work together to find a desirable vest. 

Choose a down vest if warmth is your number one priority. The soft and warm feathers of geese or duck provide a significant amount of insulation. A vest with less sewn through seams is often warmer. Although, these vests do not respond well to rain and tend to lose their insulating abilities. In addition, they tend to be more expensive and use animals for production. However, they are perfect for travel as they can be easily compressed into a small pouch. 

Choose a synthetic vest if seeking an economically affordable option. These vests do not use animal products in their production and tend to perform better in wet, harsher conditions. However, they often have a shorter shelf life than down vests as the synthetic fibres break down easily. 

Here are a couple of options:

Adventurer Vest 

Mercer Insulated Men’s and Women’s Vest 

Don’t shy away from this versatile autumn staple. Now that you understand the different features of a vest, liaise with our collaborative team of designers. Let’s make the perfect vest for you! We are only one phone call away from styling your team with chic, autumn apparel that makes you stand out from the crowd. Be bold, fresh and confident heading into winter.