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There are many product options for your company logo. Some items are of high value and are given away on special occasions. Other products are simpler but become part of someone’s everyday life. Many customers wonder if it is better to invest in expensive premium promotional products that are of higher quality, promote brand integrity and last over a long period of time, or if it is better to give products that reach more people and are more economical. From RJS Corporate Services we believe that each gift has its purpose at a certain time.

The truth is that not all companies have the same budget. Promotional products can help make an employee feel committed to their job or make a client feel special. Lower priced options do not always  mean lower quality. RJS knows how to find the perfect branded gift, looking after your marketing budget. If a small company would like to give away a New Year’s gift, they wouldn’t need to spend on the most expensive champagne to make the investment count. Sometimes, finding a nice notebook, a chocolate or a bag is more than enough.

It is undeniable that well chosen products show off your logo in a way that adds style. Whoever receives these will feel appreciated and valued. Also, as they are durable over time your brand will be exhibited proudly. In addition to this, high quality corporate gifts will make your clients or customers associate your brand with a higher standard. These kinds of products could be perfect for an event such as a corporate celebration or product launch, a promotion or company anniversary.

On the other hand, if a company wants to celebrate the change of seasons, birthday gifts to employees, or wants to give a small gift to a customer who passes by the office, it will be good to have more accessible branded items. Suggestions could be branded water bottles, promotional stickers, Branded stress balls, bags, calendars and planners, magnets or even a branded bottle of wine.

Here are two products of the same category and we show you how they can be premium promotional products or everyday promotional products.

Tango Ceramic Mug

Branded Tango Ceramic Mug is a perfect everyday item – great for continued brand exposure and a reminder of your brand whenever a cup of coffee or tea is required.

Trekk Thermal Mug Set

Premium Trekk Thermal Mug Set is a great Corporate gift idea as a high quality premium gift idea.

Even though a promotional gift will depend on the company’s budget, the most important thing is to choose appropriately and creatively depending on the message you want to display. Please visit our website or call us to discuss for some creative inspirations.