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promotional coffee mugs

Everyone has a favourite coffee mug. Sometimes it’s a favourite because it’s symbolic of a significant moment in life, an achievement, given to you by someone special or maybe because it just looks nice and is the perfect size. At RJS you have the opportunity to create your clients favourite branded coffee mug. Create the mug that delivers their wake-up call, which sits with them while reading the newspaper, the coffee mug that keeps them awake from 9 to 5.  RJS Corporate Services has a huge range of mugs available for Branding. Choose the colour, size and shape you think your clients will love and we will happily Brand your logo or special message on. It may just be the mug that reminds them each day of your business.

RJS Corporate Services has a huge range of Promotional Products and Coffee Mugs available for Corporate Branding. Contact us on 9822 4009 for all your Branding needs.