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The beginning of a new year means the start of the conference schedule.  They are the perfect time to get your brand name out there and to stand out from the crowd (and your competition). There is no doubt that conferences bring with them the expectation that there will be some little goodies handed out useful at home or in the workplace. No matter what the industry, branding of conference items and giveaways is one of the best ways to keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds long after the conference is over.

There are some tips to be mindful of when planning your conference giveaways:

  1. Make them cost effective – look at your budget amount and think about how best to maximise the amount. You may be better with a smaller quantity of higher quality items to give to your top customers, teamed with some volume items at a lower pricepoint.  Think about the best way to use your marketing dollars for your business. Also be sure to give yourself some time. Rush jobs cost a lot more than if you plan ahead. Effective planning can extend your marketing dollar so much further.
  2. Make it Useful!! – There is no point handing out an unwanted item that is going to end up the bin.  It’s a waste of money and can often do more damage than good.  Find items that will be used, preferably many times over and one that has a long shelf life (not just consumed on the day). We know that items that are useful are great promotional products and can often stay around for months or years after they have been given.
  3. Make your Brand SHOUT out! – Make sure you pick a giveaway with a large area for Branding.  Use bright coloured objects to ensure your branding stands out.  Sometimes the simplest of Brands can make the most impact when teamed with Bright colours.
  4. Make the product relevant – it goes without saying, but can often be overlooked. Look for products that match your industry or product. For example, House shaped Keyrings for Real Estate Agents, Branded Flying Discs for a Healthcare or fitness provider, Branded dental floss for a dentist – you get the picture… Be creative – there are so many options available that often you are able to find something that can be just perfect for your industry or brand.


Here are our top 10 ideas for conference item giveaways for 2015.

10. Mirco-fibre Cleaning cloth

branded micro fibre towel

With so many devices and screens to keep clean, branded micro-fiber cleaning cloths are great to have in the office desk, car or at home.  Available in a range of styles, colours and shapes, there is one for every budget.

9. The stylus Pen

branded stylus pen


Stylus Pens for Tablets are one of the most wanted corporate accessories. They are so handy that with the continued rise of personal computing devices, a good quality Stylus Pen can be used for years.  Look for the best quality your budget can afford to get maximum impact.

8. Noteflags

branded note marker book

Noteflags are a highly useful item and are handy to keep in the top drawer in the office or at home. They are available branded on their own or can come teamed with a notebook and pen.


 7. Magnetic clip

branded magnetic clip

Sometimes the simplest things are the most handy and useful. These magnetic clips are great for holding things on the fridge or filing cabinet….an exceptionally simple yet practical promotional item.

6.      Keyring

branded whistle keyring

Most of us can find use for a good keyring.   Keyrings come in so many different options, shapes, colours and quality that there is almost one available for every industry, product and budget. When you team it with something useful like a whistle, it can be a real winner.


5. Water bottles

branded water bottle

Water bottles are very popular and there is a good reason why.  They might seem a little boring, but a good water bottle can get months or even years of use.  Available in large range of colours and styles (some relatively inexpensive) they can be a popular giveaway with broad appeal.

4. Mints

branded mints

Mints come in a variety of shapes and sizes for almost every budget.


3. Hand sanitiser spray

branded hand sanitiser spray

Now available in sprays as well as gels, hand santisers are always handy to have around they are especially useful and relevant for those clients who travel or are constantly on the move.

2. Pens

promotional pens

There can’t be anything more in demand at a conference that the humble pen. Everywhere you go, things need to be written down. What better way to ensure that your Brand is remembered than to have your logo strategically located on the item that conference goers use most?

Our number 1 all-time favourite conference item for 2015

The Tote bag:

branded conference tote bag

Tote bags are fabulous conference items.  They have a huge area for decorating, ensuring you get full Brand exposure. They are perfect for conference attendees to store all their items and notes and is an item that has a high reuse rate.  Bags come in many different colours, styles, qualities and can be made to suit almost any budget, which is why we vote the conference bag the number 1 best conference item giveaway for 2015.

For assistance with any of these items or for other conference giveaway ideas for your company visit us at www.rjsgroup.com.au or call on 03 9822 4009.