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horse racing photo

All of a sudden the smell of spray tan and flowers is wafting through the streets, bright Dresses and Hats are appearing in shop windows, and Champagne is being bought by boxful.  All this hustle and bustle can only mean one thing….. Its spring racing time! With all the hype and excitement, not to mention potential clients looking for everything from catering services to a Gym to lose those winter kilos, its important to make sure your business doesn’t get left behind!

Standout from the crowd and watch the clients gallop in as they prepare for an epic Spring Racing Carnival. Whatever your line of business, RJS Corporate Services has what you need, to ensure you finish first in the race this season.

Here are our top ten Promotional Products for this Spring Racing Carnival that can bring a fresh new look in promoting your business.

1. Lanyards

customised lanyards

If there is one thing that is an essential to race goers, it’s a lanyard. Crucial for holding all those important passes and memberships, the Spring Racing Carnival is nothing short of a lanyard parade. So to make sure that your Business steals the show with a stylish Promotional Lanyard and you definitely won’t be left with a long face.

2. Branded Race cover book

 Branded leather racebook cover

Cover up those tatty race book pages with a stylish Branded Leather race book cover.  Embossed with your logo, they are an elegant way to ensure your brand is noticed each and every time the horses gallop past the post.

3. Pens

promotional pens

Everywhere you look, someone is using or in need of a pen, so getting your logo firmly marked on a stylish pen is one of the most effective ways to promote your Business and increase exposure to Potential Clients.

4. Branded Binoculars

Branded binocular

Get focused with customised Binoculars from RJS corporate services. Perfect for spotting your horse win at the Spring Racing Carnival this year. Get your Business Logo exclusively Branded onto your Binoculars for great exposure and an effective advertisement.

5. Branded tissues 

promotional tissues

Hay fever, running mascara, fake tan lines, spilt dip…. the need for tissues at the spring racing carnival is endless, so what better way to promote your business than with some branded tissues. Whenever disaster strikes, your business will be there to the rescue.

6. Branded Umbrellas

 Printed umbrella

Isn’t it the typical way in spring?…. one minute the sun is shining, and the next the heavens open up.  Make sure that when it does pour down on all those frocks, your business logo is looking prominent on an Umbrella. People will literally be running to your logo, promoting your business and keeping your clients dry and happy.

7. Promotional Pocket Mirror

branded mirror promotional product

There is nothing worse than running makeup or smudged lipstick. Help your Clients look their best on those long days at the races with a personalised Pocket Mirror. Practical and effective, your Clients will be thinking how fantastic your Business looks every time they check that they are looking up to scratch.

8. Branded Sunscreen

Promotional sunscreen

No one likes a burn line, so to look after your client’s appearance and health, make sure your Logo is on their sunscreen. They will be thanking you when their skin is glowing healthily.

9. Promotional Mints


Promotional mints

An essential for every race goer… make sure that your Clients are kept fresh with some Personalised Breath Mints. Every time they reach for one of these date savers, they will be thanking your Brand for keeping them Minty fresh.

10. Branded Pocket Nail file

branded Nail File

Keep your Clients sane at the races with one of our personalised Nail Files. Everyone knows how irritating a crooked and bumpy nail is, so make sure that your clients are happy with smooth nails while repeatedly exposing them to your logo over the course of the carnival.

If you would like any more information on any of our products, or  would like assistance in creating a unique Branded Product Range for your clients for this Spring Racing Carnival, contact one of our friendly Team members on (03) 9822 4009 or visit us at www.rjsgroup.com.au