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Corporate Christmas gifts

The year has flown, its already spring – before long it will be December and you still havn’t ordered those Christmas gifts for your clients and staff. Don’t get caught out! Often if you wait until the last minute to buy Corporate Gifts, stock runs low and you might have to settle for something that is not really what you want.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your Christmas Corporate gift giving this year…

1. Make the Gift appropriate to your client or industry – Look for gifts that have some relevance to your business, industry or segment or the interests of your client.

2. Keep it Simple – Sometimes the simplest gifts can be the most effective and appreciated.  If you are providing gifts to a wide range of employees or clients, simple corporate branded items can often hold the broadest appeal.

2. Match the spend to the importance of the Client… A client that spends a large amount each year with your business and adds significantly to your profit needs special attention. Sending a cheap or inappropriate gift can often have a greater negative impact than sending nothing at all.

4. Give a ‘wanted’ item….it may seem obvious, but so often we see businesses giving their clients products that are not wanted items.  The gift often is passed on to someone else or just ends up being wasted.  Its better to spend a little bit of time researching corporate gifts and products that are appropriate rather than settling on something just because it fits within a budget.

5. If its got your logo on it…make sure its practical! Practical gifts get used over and over again and when something is used with your logo, it reminds people of you and your brand every time…it’s the gift that gives back to you with return business.

There are a huge range of corporate gifts available appropriate for almost every industry and market segment. RJS can help with choosing the right corporate gift for your clients and staff this festive season.